Coca-Cola, Reviving the Magic of the Fountain Experience

How do you inspire marketers to reengineer their product design?

Over the past few decades, Coca-Cola has lost momentum and massive value in the drinking fountain aspect of their business. Let’s face it, the brand went flat. Heading into the 21st century, it was evident that Coca-Cola needed to focus on the consumer and figure out how to make the brand cool again.

The biggest opportunity for brand revival existed in the fountain drinks category. Everything from understanding the user experience to logistics and service could stand improvement. Coca-Cola faced additional challenges to lighten their carbon footprint while maximizing the variety of beverages in limited restaurant space. The solution was the Freestyle vending machine. Extensive research on Coca-Cola's part determined that this machine would address all of the above concerns.

We were tasked to help drive media excitement for the launch of the Freestyle vending machine. And rather than taking a technical approach to the new system design, we played on the emotions of consumers, drawing in their sense of nostalgia for one of the world's most iconic brands. Incorporating historic imagery and highlighting the heritage of previous fountains, The Fountain History video showcases the fountains of the past through their evolution, while teasing the new fountain in development. Once the new machine was completely developed, several secondary videos showcased the fountain in restaurant test markets to further explore the visual system.

Coke Fountain Work Photo

Coke Fountain strategy photos