Coke keeps the happiness coming.

It’s no secret—we love all things Coke. But we especially love Coke’s “Happiness” projects and were excited to hear that the company is launching its “Happiness Refill” project in Rio de Janeiro.

What’s the “Happiness Refill” project, you ask? It’s a Coke dispenser that dispenses… cellphone data credits (say what?!). Coke aims to target Brazil’s young, emerging middle-class, who typically use prepaid phones that lack affordable data packages.

Now you’re wondering how it works, right? All users have to do is simply hold their phone to the dispenser and a Coke browser and 20 megabytes of data (or as Coke calls it, “20 liters of happiness”) are downloaded. The browser is simple yet relevant—with only three buttons, users can listen to Coke FM radio, access social networks, and check the weather.

And I bet you’re assuming that there’s a catch to this—but Coke is doing well by doing good. Each 20 liters of happiness is free and refills don’t cost a penny. And what’s better than free refills?