Apple is trying to take over your living room. With the announcement of tvOS, and the new Apple remote, developers have been hard at work creating immersive gaming experiences for a bigger screen.

Among the first on the market will be Fantastic Plastic Squad, a highly stylized third-person shooter style game that stars customizable action figures. Pound Sand, the games creators, came to us with a creative challenge: tap into the story of the game’s leading action figures to create an engaging opening cinematic for the new game. Combined with the game’s theme song, the piece introduces each type of character by name and shows their superhero specialty. The style of both the game and cinematic is meant to evoke the 1980s ‘golden era’ of cartoons and action figures.

Fantastic Plastic Squad will be released for iPhone and iPad before launching on Apple TV. Within the tvOS version will be touch-control and third party remote capabilities, and all applications will be introduced by our opening cinematic.