A glorious space

An inspiring office

This is what they call 'an understated entrance'

Pittsburgh made the steel that made America, and it was immigrants who made Pittsburgh. By the 1880’s an influx of Slovak Catholic immigrants in the region created the need for a Slovak parish. The new church, St. Michael Church, was initially fostered by the Holy Ghost Fathers of Duquesne University. However, parishioners wanted a priest who spoke their language, and sought out a Slovak seminarian in St. Paul, MN to take on the job.

In 1909, the wooden church building was dismantled, moved to the current location, and rebuilt despite some outcry from the congregation. By 1927, however, the congregation had grown so much that the wooden structure had to be torn down completely to accommodate a larger building. The sanctuary was enlarged once again in the years following WWII. The structure and façade of the building has remained much the same ever since.

By the late 1960’s, the steel industry began to fade and with it, much of the surrounding community. Facing declining population and increasing maintenance costs for decades, the Diocese of Pittsburgh officially closed St. Michael Church on November 1st, 2009. In the summer of 2016, the church building began its second life as THIS IS RED.

The original wooden church

In 1909, the wooden church building was dismantled, moved to the current location, and rebuilt despite some outcry from the congregation.

The western portal

When fog machines and 10K’s don’t mix well with fire alarms, a traditional office space just isn’t in the cards. At THIS IS RED, we believe our space should fit us, rather than the other way around. Our office was hand built by immigrants and once played host to the meanest bingo night on the Monongahela. That’s because our office is a former church building - the former St. Michael’s Slovak Roman Catholic Church to be exact. Complete with 20,000 square feet of hand-cut mahogany, tile work, Italian marble, and a fully stocked whiskey bar. Yep, that fits us.

Sit at the top so you're closer to heaven

Legend has it the nuns of St. Michael's hid their secret stash of homemade hooch away up in the choir loft for generation. Those dusty bottles of bathtub gin remain undiscovered to this day, but a short trip up the marble stairs leads one to discover an exquisite bar and social space, fully stocked with choice whiskeys, craft brews, and fine ideas.

The lower level

The lower floor of the space holds the general office and meeting spaces, as well as a large shoot space, commissary, and everything needed to make magic on a daily basis.

This is where we make the magic happen

Once we managed to exorcise the smell of mothballs, beeswax, and sacramental wine, it was time to get creative. Today the sacristy offers two unique creative spaces, each with an overhead loft. So we have plenty of room for activities.

The Cinema

Storytelling and experience is essential at THIS IS RED, so to create the best we need to preview and create in the best environment.

The Grotto

An indoor grotto (a rarity in these parts) features a huge mural of the miracle at Lourdes and real faux stalactites at the top of the stone altar.

We have many leather-bound books

Google can't replace the feel of a good book in your hands. So, settle in, crack open your favorite volume, and savor the scent of musty pages and rich mahogany.

Art Deco Relief

The relief of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, apostles to the Slavs, shows more than a little Art Deco influence.

A little louder for the folks in the back

Those Slovaks knew a thing or two about making sure you heard the Gospel each and every Sunday. That's why the original altar features a 40-foot parabolic mirror to amplify sound the old fashioned way. Today, this space is perfect for live music, events,...or as a really obnoxious place to take a conference call.