Transitions Optical is well known in the optical industry for their successful core product. In an effort to support their core brand and also expand their reach, Transitions launched a complementary sunwear brand. Given the complicated partner structure, as well as existing perceptions of the core product, THIS IS RED (partnered with HAVAS PR) was brought in to manage the introduction of the new brand and to elevate the sunwear line while creating a halo effect on the core brand.

After analysis of the general eyewear consumer, sunwear shopper, and existing sunwear brands, THIS IS RED established a strategy to educate the consumer on the functional and emotional benefits of the brand by introducing and explaining the idea of "Dynamic Sunwear" through iconography and lifestyle segmentations.

Through the consumer web site, digital advertising, trade communications, events, and viral campaigns, THIS IS RED continues to establish the brand as a player in the sunwear market.