Tough Love

Let’s face it. Your audience could care less about you. We know that hurts to hear, but it’s a fact. You go to work everyday trying to create new ways to engage them, new products to dazzle them, new services to make them love your brand just a little bit more. They go to work everyday forgetting you exist.

Create A Better World

You've got to make your audience care. You've got to engage them on an emotional level that touches their soul. They seek beauty and truth. They are drawn to a good story. They readily distinguish the genuine from the contrived. They do not shy away from controversy. They seek new and exciting experiences. They look for new technologies that allow them to connect with the broader world. And they aspire to create a better world.

Connecting You and Your Audience

THIS IS RED creates the stories, develops the experiences, designs the images and pens the text that connect you and your audience on a higher plane. Our process is intellectual, yet rational, and above all, grounded in reality. We address both creative and strategic concerns by creating a balance between the two that transcends typical and one-dimensional marketing solutions. We place a huge value on common sense. We dig deep and we tell the truth. THIS IS RED. And this is who we are.

We play nice. No jerk-wads allowed.
Change the world, or it will change you.
Change the world, or it will change you.
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. A bonfire.
Doing well by doing good.
A desk is a dangerous place to watch the world from. Get out in the world and make it happen.
We will always find a solution. And if we don't, we'll make one up.


You live and breathe your brand and you want a creative partner who does the same: digital, mobile, SoMe or traditional. Whatever it is, our WORK speaks for itself.



We simply cannot stop talking about branding, design, and creative solutions. We even have a BLOG.



Boring work and ho-hum solutions never make NEWS.



It's not just our stellar creative, but our attitude and PERSPECTIVE that keep our clients coming back for more.