Heinz, Creating a Digital & Social Experience for an Icon

How do you tell 140 years of brand stories for today's consumers?

You’d think that as a leading food company for over 140 years, with numerous brand success stories, that Heinz would have no problem reaching emerging markets. But even a stalwart like Heinz needs help every once in a while creating appropriate outlets and forums to do so.

To reach those goals, we learned that Heinz needed to earn and maintain trust from household decision makers, while also expanding shareholder knowledge of the brand. Through our research, we helped align Heinz's business goals with the expectations of household decision makers through the filter of "good food everyday." New site architecture, photography, design, videos, product stories, and social components reinforced Heinz's commitment to health and wellness.

The creation of a “Ketchup Splat” Facebook widget became a viral sensation, driving consumers to the new Heinz site. Monthly site traffic grew by 12%, while the site bounce rate decreased significantly. New robust content increased natural search rankings while other social components helped to further CRM initiatives. Consumer feedback hailed the new digital experience as an integral aspect of their positive view of the brand.

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