Transitions Optical, Global Digital Platform

What's the importance of global brand consistency, but with localized relevance?

Transitions Optical is the market leader in the field of photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions by changing from clear lenses (indoors) to dark tinted lenses (outdoors). It’s amazing what you learn from your clients. We are like total brainiacs when it comes to this stuff.

The business of selling prescription eyewear is heavily dependent on distribution channels like retail vision centers and private practice eye doctors. But digitally, Transitions wasn't always delivering the right message to the right audience. The conversation between Transitions and an eye doctor is very different from the conversation between Transitions and an end user, yet the pan-continental company had only one external corporate website intended to provide all information to all audiences. Not good. As the company and products evolved, the site became hard to navigate, confusing and overloaded with content. Numerous external microsites confused consumers and fragmented the brand messaging. And we all know what happens when a consumer gets confused on your site – they go watch hamsters play the piano on YouTube.

So, Transitions Optical defined a goal to shift and prioritize their consumer message.

After an extensive consumer analysis and a global audit of URLs, technology and devices, THIS IS RED recommended unifying all outlets for a consistent consumer brand message, while also clearly defining and segmenting the messaging for the trade community. We designed and developed a global consumer website intended to speak to consumers from all over the world. Translated into 18 different languages and counting, the website delivers a consistent global brand message while allowing for regionalized locally relevant content.

Interactive videos and product demos help to clarify misperceptions about product functions and benefits for the consumer. However, these simple visuals are not necessary for (and can be a bit offensive to) the trade community. That is why THIS IS RED designed and developed a completely new environment for trade professionals; a website that actively engages the trade community by providing more robust content in areas like continuing education and industry related news.

Once all sites were launched, Transitions received amazing feedback from consumers and colleagues alike. The sites were seen as a vast improvement for both of their respective audiences. Post-launch consumer research, usability testing and brand awareness and recall testing are currently being conducted.