An independently owned agency with its global headquarters in Pittsburgh, THIS IS RED is out to rock the world.

How? Well just look at the staff we’ve assembled. They’ve climbed the ranks through some of the world's most creative organizations: JWT, Turner Broadcasting, Mullen and Coca-Cola. And THIS IS RED truly shines when it comes to connecting consumers with brands.

We have experience in every medium and we don't play favorites. We don't use TV just because it's sexy and we don't use social just because it's edgy. We look for the smartest avenues of communication. Whether it’s interactive, an event, mobile app, or social media, THIS IS RED tells the story to connect a brand with its consumers.

Bold and ambitious. Common sense. This is what we do. This is how we function.




How we work

We’ve found that the best way to achieve success for our clients is to get our hands dirty and to set our brains on fire. And not some namby-pamby tiny little flicker, but a brain-consuming inferno. We dig deep and research issues in the real world. We think it through. Write. Sketch. Prototype. Live it. Make the Venn diagram our best friend. We strive for balancing analytical & intuitive thinking. To create something meaningful for you and the people that matter to you.

Team & Space

Part laboratory, part launch pad; our global headquarters is where our team ventures out into the world to plan, create, manage, connect and inspire.



You live and breathe your brand and you want a creative partner who does the same: digital, mobile, SoMe or traditional. Whatever it is, our WORK speaks for itself.



We simply cannot stop talking about branding, design, and creative solutions. We even have a BLOG.



Boring work and ho-hum solutions never make NEWS.



It's not just our stellar creative, but our attitude and PERSPECTIVE that keep our clients coming back for more.